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What are the working purpose and application of the air shower?
The air shower mainly makes use of the clean air from the nozzle to blow off the dust on the surface of the staff entering in the workshop and the objects, preventing the pollutant source from being brought into the clean workshop.

How to choose the proper type of air shower?
The air shower is chosen based on the quantity of the workers within a shift. If there are less than 15 workers, the product for single person use will be recommended. If the quantity of the worker is between 30 and 50, users can choose the double-person product. If there are more workers, customers have to select the product with larger length so as to improve the working efficiency.

What materials are used to make the air shower?
The air shower is mainly made of the cold rolled steel plate with baking finish, the inner stainless steel plate with baking finish, the internal and external stainless steel. Generally the full stainless steel has better performance and it is rust and corrosion resistant.

Does the air shower need to be installed?
In general, there is no need to install the air shower less than 3 meters long and the entire product will be delivered to your company directly. Connected to your own power supply, the product can be used right now. Every product has undergone multiple steps of strict inspection and debugging. In China, the power supply is 380V, 5-phase and 50Hz. Please confirm the parameters of your power supply. If there are some differences, please inform us in advance and we will customize the proper product for you.

How to order the equipment that I settle on?
Our sales service includes the presales consultation, the design during the sales and the after sales service. Before the order, we will communicate with you again and again to ensure the right product you really want, meeting your production need. After all is confirmed, we will sign the contract with you. After we receive the payment, the product will be arranged for delivery through overland route, waterway and air transportation. The product will arrive safely.

What about the delivery time in general? Do you have rich experience in exporting the product?
We have the common product in stock. As for the non-standard product, the delivery time is about 7 to 10 days. There are more than 100 air showers exported every year. Our product is successfully exported to America, Asia, the Middle East and other regions.

How to repair the equipment if there is some damage to it?
We have years of experience of manufacturing the purifying equipment. All our products pass the ISO9001 Quality System Certification. The product features stable quality that has been tested for many years. Prior to the delivery, we prepare a set of wearing parts for customers to eliminate their troubles at least for 5 years.

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