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Double Door Laminar Flow Cabinet

Yijing Purification Equipment Company Ltd. is an ISO9001 certified air purification equipment manufacturer in China. Some of our more popular products include the medical device clean room, cleanroom air shower, clean bench, pass box, air curtain, Class 100 laminar flow cabinet, and HEPA filter. Our air purification equipment removes impurities from the air to create a clean environment, so it is widely used in the electronic, electrical appliances, medicine, food, scientific research, and many other areas.

We use advanced, high quality products and our years of experience in the industry to provide customers with honesty, constant innovation, and high quality products. Utilizing advanced processing and inspection equipment helps us to ensure our products’ quality. For example, our manufacturing equipment includes an automatic laser cutting machine, three automatic CNC plate shears, and two bending machines. Advanced DOP testing equipment, a dust particle counter, air flow measurement instrument, noise analyzer, and a temperature and humidity control meter are used to inspect our purification room, cleanroom air shower room, etc. As a result of our efforts we have received many industrial certifications, so customers from around the world are confident in using our air purification equipment.

Our company can provide purification equipment with a cleanliness level from 100 to 300,000, so we can provide a product to fit any type of application need. We can also provide installation service. With our complete professional construction capability, we are able to install a purification plant for even a very large area, along with all of the related processing equipment. This has made our medical device clean room, cleanroom air shower, and other purification equipment popular in such places as hospitals, as well as electronic and food factories. In addition, we are expert in the construction of coated steel sandwich panel structure and special pipeline.

The team at Yijing operates with the enterprising spirit of providing professional integrity and being people-oriented. This, coupled with our goal of creating benefits for the society and our customers, is why we put 100% effort into every project and provide high quality product and first-class service to our customers.

As the leading brand in the industry, Yijing has won the praise of customers at home and abroad. Yijing air purification equipment has been exported to many countries and regions such as America, Japan, India, Kazakhstan, Benin, etc.

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