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  • Open Type Laminar Flow CabinetOur dust-free cabinet can achieve three grades of air filtration and the filtration efficiency for filtering the dust particle with the diameter of 0.3µm can be 99.995%. The adopted high efficiency air filter is ultra thin and has no baffle.
  • Double Door Laminar Flow CabinetThe product has four separated parts as the working areas. It can achieve primary, medium and high efficiency air filtration with the efficiency of 99.995% for the dust particle with the diameter of 0.3µm.

The Class 100 laminar flow cabinet meets the American federal 209E standard. It is used for storing the products of enterprises in solar energy, medicine, food, scientific research and other areas for quality assurance and security. Our laminar flow storage cabinet can guarantee the protected articles from contamination by the dust in air. According to the basic function, the dust-free cabinet can be divided into open type and double-door type.

With the model of YJ1300-680, the laminar flow cabinet is designed with the length of 1300mm, width of 680mm and height of 1920mm. It has four parts with the working area dimension for every part of 1220×410×310mm. The product can store articles with several kinds. Made of high quality steel and through multiple manufacturing procedures, the product has firm structure and strong durability. It is equipped with three-grade air filter, fan with the working noise lower than 62dB and other equipment. Though weighing 180kg, the product has two universal wheels and two directional wheels at its bottom for convenient movement.

The open type laminar flow cabinet contacts with the air of outer environment directly. It has strong cleaning capability and is convenient for users to fetch and store things. It is a good choice for the product to be used as a medicine cupboard. By using the internal circulation system, the double-door product won’t be affected by outer environment. It is designed particularly fit for the fields of food and scientific research to protect the test sample from the influence by the outer environment.

Wuxi Yijing is an experienced Class 100 laminar flow cabinet manufacturer, based in China. We provide various types of products such as horizontal laminar flow clean bench, stainless steel pass box, and clean room sandwich panel.

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