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  • FM30 Air CurtainThe adopted high efficiency PTC heating element is developed by integrating the latest technology from abroad. It is safe and has the features of no open fire, long lifetime and high durability.
  • FM18 High Velocity Air CurtainOur air curtain adopts the PTC heating element which takes usage of advanced foreign technology and has the advantages of high safeness, long life span, high durability and no open flame.

The air curtain is hung on the top of door and blows the air downwards. It is used for isolating the indoor and outdoor air. The installation of the product won’t affect people coming in and out of the public places. What’s more, the application of air door can prevent the fly, dust, exhaust gas and the hot or cold air from entering into the indoor room. With the support of the air conditioning, the equipment can get much better effect and achieve energy saving.

As the new generation environmental protection product, the air curtain is made of electrostatic spray steel plate, featuring no deformation, nice appearance and high durability. By adopting the optimized motor with Japanese technology, the product can operate for 5000 hours continuously without malfunction. The applicable voltage of our air barrier is 220V and the frequency is 50Hz. The total installation width of the product should be equal to or greater than the actual width of door for getting the ideal effect.

The product is very popular with many customers. It is mostly used for passing certification of QS by the video and packaging enterprises and for clean workshop of electronic enterprises. Meanwhile, it can also be used in the occasions with large people flow such as hospital and subway. In addition, we can also supply the product of remote controllable type, human inductive type and door magnetic inductive type.

The air curtain can generate powerful air flow through the high speed motor driving cross flow or the centrifugal fan to achieve isolating air, dust and fly. It is the ideal air purification equipment.

We mainly provide the FM18 and FM30 air curtains. The FM18 product has large power with the maximum air volume of 70 to 80m³/min. Meanwhile, the maximum influence height of the air flow can be 5m. So, the FM18 product is suitable for use in factory plant and the logistics and warehousing center.

With special design, the FM30 series of products has much nicer appearance. This series of products has many kinds in dimension, power and air volume for customers to choose. The YJFM30-60 downward-facing blower has the minimum dimension of 600×240×240mm. It can be installed flexibly. The YJFM30-180 has large power with air volume of 55 to 65m³/min. It has relatively strong air purification capability. The FM30 product is suitable for installation with the height within 3m. It is mostly used in hospital and shopping mall.

We are an experienced air curtain manufacturer in China. We provide a wide range of products, including clean room sandwich panel, single person air shower, horizontal laminar flow clean bench and more.

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