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  • Stainless Steel Pass BoxBy taking electronic interlocking, the two doors of the stainless steel pass box cannot be opened at the same time. The adopted lock is the high strength magnetic lock. It can bear the load of 60kg.
  • Door Interlock Pass BoxThe two doors of the pass box take usage of mechanical interlocking to guarantee the doors cannot be opened at the same time. The doors are flat, smooth and have no welding spot. Meanwhile, they are furnished with transparent visible observation windows.

The pass box is set especially in the clean room for reducing the times of opening the door of clean room. Its main usage is to deliver small articles between clean rooms with different cleanliness or between different clean areas. Then, the unpurified air can be prevented from entering into the clean room with high cleanliness when delivering the things to control the contamination of the clean room to the lowest level.

The outer housing of our pass box is formed by welding the bended stainless steel. Made of stainless steel plate, the plate for placing articles is flat and smooth. Due to the interlocking device which can be mechanical type or electronic type, when one door of the pass through chamber opens, the other door is closed. The ultraviolet lamp is available for sterilization. Meanwhile, the specification of the passing window can be customized according to the actual needs.

YJ-S Stainless Steel Pass Box

As the auxiliary equipment for clean room, the pass box can reduce the contamination of the clean room effectively. It has a wide application range in the fields of micro fabrication technology, biological laboratory, pharmacy, hospital, food production, LCD, electron and so on.

We have the YJ-S and YJ series of transfer hatches. The minimum size of the YJ-S series of products is 500mm×420mm×520mm and the maximum size reaches 1000mm×920mm×1020mm. This series of products can deliver the articles with different sizes. Meanwhile, made of SUS304, the door and the outer housing of YJ-S product have high corrosion resistance capability. Working with the air filter, the ultraviolet lamp can realize sterilization and dust removal for the articles entering into the clean room to guarantee the clean environment of clean room.

As a specialized pass box manufacturer and supplier in China, Wuxi Yijing also provides double person air shower, open type laminar flow cabinet, pass box, and more.

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