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  • YJ-VS-1 Vertical Laminar Flow Clean BenchThe YJ-VS-1 vertical laminar flow clean bench has the air inlet on its top. The air is blown from top to bottom and can be filtered through primary, medium and high efficiency filtration.
  • YJ-VS-2 Vertical Laminar Flow Clean BenchIt has two sets of high air pressure and low noise centrifugal fans for two people working at the same time. The air filtration of the double person clean bench is three grades with primary, medium and high efficiency. The novel type punching design is available for the operational table.
  • YJ-HS-1 Horizontal Laminar Flow Clean BenchThe YJ-HS-1 horizontal laminar flow clean bench makes the fan set horizontally. The working noise of the product is lower than that of the vertical product. The product is produced with the outside dimensions of 900×720×1420mm and the operational area dimensions of 860×520×600mm.
  • YJ-HS-2 Horizontal Laminar Flow Clean BenchThe horizontal laminar flow clean bench blows the air to the working staff from the opposite direction horizontally. It can achieve filtration with primary, medium and high grades. Meanwhile, this horizontal laminar flow cabinet adopts two centrifugal fans which feature high air pressure and low noise.

The clean bench has the vertical flow type and horizontal flow type. It adopts high efficiency air filter which has long lifetime and high filtration efficiency of greater than 99.995%. The minimum diameter of filtered dust is 0.5μm.The air filter is produced in the clean workshop with the cleanliness of 10000 and inspected strictly for quality assurance. The cleanliness of the working area of the product can be class 100, which can meet the American federal standard of 209E completely.

The laminar flow clean bench has a wide application range in the areas of electronics, precision instruments, optics, biopharming, aseptic laboratory, food, cell culture, daily chemical product and so on. It can help to improve the technological condition and enhance the product quality and qualified rate.

1. Made of 1.2mm thick SUS304 stainless steel, the operating table of the clean bench adopts the arc design. It has the features of corrosion resistance and easy cleaning. Meanwhile, operator can feel comfortable when working with the equipment.
2. The super large and ultra wide working space with the depth of 520mm brings more convenience for operation.
3. The outer housing of the laminar flow cabinet is made of high quality 1.2mm thick cold rolled steel plate and is processed with four processes including baking finish. With the color of ivory, it is flat and smooth.
4. The control panel is set with the switches for ultraviolet lamp, illumination lamp and fan speed control for convenient operation.
5. The universal and directional wheels are available for convenient movement and fixation.
6. Due to the adjustable fan control system and voltage regulation with soft-touch switch, the air flow speed can always be kept with the ideal level.
7. The American Dow Corning sealant is used for sealing the surrounding area of the laminar flow hood. It has the features of good sealing performance and environmental protection.

Moreover, the advanced German optimized motor is adopted by the clean bench. Featuring stable operation with low noise and energy consumption, our product can work continuously for 50000 hours without malfunction. As to the application for hospital, the product is often used to inspect medicine or irritant gas. The smell of those gas and liquid may be harmful to the health of human body. So the vertical flow product is the ideal choice for protecting the working staff from the odor stimulus effectively.

Designed according to international electrical safety standard rigorously, the clean bench has multiple safety protection devices. The ultraviolet lamp and the soft illuminating lamp are controlled independently. Meanwhile, the plug is universal with European standard. The product can be used directly after connecting with the 220V electricity. The ultra thick cable can assure the safe use of electricity fully. In addition, the user should know that the ultraviolet lamp cannot be opened during the operation to avoid the ultraviolet burning the skin of the working staff.

As an experienced clean bench manufacturer in China, Wuxi Yijing provides a wide range of products that includes double person air shower, GMP clean room, HEPA filter, and more.

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