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  • Single Person Air ShowerThis purification equipment is equipped with a centrifugal fan as well as primary and high efficiency air filters. It features elegant appearance, compact structure, easy maintenance and simple operation.
  • Double Person Air ShowerDesigned with the dimensions of 1400×2000×2100mm, the double person air shower is actually composed by two single person products. The double person purification equipment and the single person product have no difference in function except for the applicable number of people and the volume.
  • Product Air ShowerIt is especially designed for the fields involving in electronics, machinery, medicine, food, biological engineering, etc. It can achieve air shower for the raw material and equipment which need to enter the clean workshop for production.

The air shower is the effective purification equipment for clean plant and fabricated small clean room. Through high speed clean air flow, it can blow away the dust attached to the surface of working staff and the carried goods when they enter into the clean room. The air shower equipment can also exert the function of air cushion brake for avoiding the unpurified air entering into the clean area. The nozzle angle of the equipment can be adjusted. This purification equipment can also be applied for large cargo air shower.

Working Principle
Through the action of fan, the air in the air shower room enters into the plenum chamber after the primary efficiency air filter. Filtered by the high efficiency air filter, the clean air is sprayed out with high speed through the nozzle to blow away the dust. Then the air with the dust can be recycled to enter into the primary efficiency air filter. Through several cycles, the working staff and the goods can be purified completely.

Our company is a manufacturer with many years of experience in producing and installing the cleanroom air shower. Many famous companies such as Pepsi-cola, Nescafe, Want Want Company and Yili Group have purchased the cleanroom air shower and other related equipment from our company. By using our products, many domestic enterprises, involving in food, packaging, daily chemical product, medicine and precision electron, have passed the certification of GMP, HACCP and QS. Through continuous development, our products have been recognized by the customers at home and abroad. We also have established good cooperative relations with many customers.

Wuxi Yijing is a professional cleanroom air shower manufacturer in China. Our wide range of products includes single person air shower, vertical laminar flow clean bench, pass box, and more.

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