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The product air shower is the ideal equipment for clean room. It is especially designed for the fields involving in electronics, machinery, medicine, food, biological engineering, etc. It can achieve air shower for the raw material and equipment which need to enter the clean workshop for production. Then, the dust particles are removed to ensure the cleanliness of the raw material and equipment. Our product air shower features novel structure, beautiful appearance, reliable operation, low power consumption and convenient maintenance.

Working Principle of Product Air Shower
The clean air, filtered through high efficiency air filter, is sprayed to the surface of the goods through the rotatable nozzles from all directions. The impurities such as the dust can be blown away rapidly. The air with dust particles is recycled to the primary air filter and filtered by the high efficiency air filter again. And then it turns to be the clean air and be sprayed out to achieve air shower for cargo.

Every enterprise is different in the aspects of site dimensions of logistics channel as well as size and transportation mode of the raw material. So the product air shower has no unified standard. We actually supply the air shower for goods according to customer needs. According to the function, our product air shower is available in ordinary type, infrared sensor voice prompt type and auto induction mobile door type. Our company has rich experience in design, construction and maintenance for the cargo shower room. We can offer comprehensive and complete design scheme for your reference.

Introduction for Fast Rolling Shutter Door
The door can achieve fast isolation to assure the cleanliness of the product air shower. It has the functions of heat insulation, lighting and resistance to wind, dust, sound, fire and peculiar smell. Featuring energy saving, this product can help to enhance the working efficiency and create the ideal operation environment. It has been widely used in areas of food, chemistry, spinning, electron, supermarket, refrigeration, logistics, warehousing and other occasions.

The fast rolling shutter door can be produced with the maximum dimension of 6m in width and 14m in height. The opening and closing speed of the door ranges from 0.6 to 2.0m/s. The speed can be set when the product is installed. From the bottom to the top, the product only needs about 2 seconds. It is 20 times faster than the electric rolling gate. The elastic PVC base fabric gas seal is installed at the bottom of the product. It can link with various uneven grounds tightly. The gas seal is filled with cushioning material for enhancing the durability. The unique double-layer brush is adopted by the door post for better tightness. The distinctive sealing system and high efficiency sealing method can block the movement of cold and hot air, prevent the entering of dust and insect and isolate the spread of sound and smell to the utmost extent.

The working process of the fast rolling shutter door is like this. The door sensor provides the trigger signal to control system. And then, the control system sends out the order to the variable-frequency drive according to the current location of the product. The driving motor is started to make the door curtain elevated rapidly. After the vehicles and the passengers passing through the channel, the door curtain falls down automatically to close the channel. The door would open until next door open signal is sent out.

The fast rolling shutter door is equipped with precision German absolute encoder to achieve position restriction. It can control the error of position restriction caused by the high speed operation. If the power is off or the product suffers the mandatory external force, the product can stop operation and the door curtain is locked automatically to ensure the security. Meanwhile, the infrared safety device is set at the bottom of the door post. The red caution light is also available for warning during the operation of the product. In addition, the protection airbag is installed at the bottom of the product. When the door is closing, if there is obstacle on the ground, the door can rebound immediately. Furthermore, the emergency stop button is mounted on the control box to realize stopping closing the door in case of emergency. Meanwhile, the manual joystick is available for opening and closing the door in case of power cut.

  • Top view of the air shower
  • The elevation view of the air shower
  • The elevation structure drawing of the air shower

Wuxi Yijing is a China-based manufacturer of product air shower. We offer a comprehensive range of products, including vertical laminar flow clean bench, double person air shower, aseptic clean room, and more.

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