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Single Person Air Shower Room Single Person Air Shower Room Single Person Air Shower RoomSingle Person Air Shower Room Single Person Air Shower Room

The single person air shower room is assembled with color foam insulation wallboard and aluminum components. This purification equipment is equipped with a centrifugal fan as well as primary and high efficiency air filters. It features elegant appearance, compact structure, easy maintenance and simple operation.

We can produce single person air showers of different specifications. Electronic interlocking and infrared sensing device can also be added as per customer requirements.

Technical Parameters
Model YJ-S-1 YJ-S-2 YJ-S-3 YJ-S-4
Applicable Number of People 1 2-4 4-5 5-6
Air Shower Time 0- 99s (Adjustable)
Number of Nozzle 12 (Two Sides) 24 (Two Sides) 36 (Two Sides) 48 (Two Sides)
Mouth Diameter of Nozzle Φ 30 mm Φ 30 mm Φ30 mm Φ30 mm
Speed of Air Flow at the Nozzle >25m/s >25m/s >25m/s >25m/s
Dimension of High Efficiency Air Filter (mm) 600×600×120 600 ×600×120 600×600×120 600×600×120
Dimension of Air Shower Area (mm) 800×900×196 0 800×1900×196 0 800×2900×196 0 800×3900×196 0
Outside Dimension (mm) 1400×1000×210 0 1400×2000×2100 1400×3000×2100 1400×4000×2100
Power Supply
Maximum Power Consumption 1.1KW 2.2KW 3.3KW 4.4KW

As the filtration equipment through the action of high strength air flow, the single person air shower is often used in conjunction with clean room. It can remove the impurity such as dust on the working staff before they go into the clean room. Each side of our cleanroom air shower has six nozzles with a wide distribution range. With the mouth diameter of 30mm, the nozzle can spray out the air quickly and the air shower area can be up to 800×900×1960mm. The air shower time can be adjusted in the range of 0 to 99s. Thus, the air shower effect can be assured to be the best level, which guarantees the cleanliness of the clean room completely.

Wuxi Yijing is an experienced single person air shower manufacturer in China. We also supply double person air shower, stainless steel pass box, double door laminar flow cabinet, air curtain, and much more.

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