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  • GMP Clean RoomOur GMP workshop is constructed in strict accordance with state standards, so we can guarantee the cleanliness level of the workshop. Dust particle, airborne microbe, settling microbe and other indexes of the workshop can pass the inspection at a time.
  • Medical Device Clean RoomIn our particularly clean operation room, the bacterium concentration is no more than 0.2 per cubic meter in the surgical area and no more than 0.4 per cubic meter in the surrounding area. With high cleanliness level available, the special cleanroom can be used for conducting operations with high infection possibility.
  • Aseptic Clean RoomThe aseptic clean room is often made of EPS plate. It is generally 4 to 5 square meters in size, with the height around 2.5m. A buffer room is required out of the aseptic room and the doors of both rooms should be set toward different directions to avoid airflow bringing in bacteria.
  • Clean BoothThe clean booth is a simply type clean room. It can be constructed quickly and easily. There is a special purification lamp on its top. As the air purification equipment for providing partial environment with high cleanliness, the product is designed with the interior cleanliness level up to Class 100 to 10000.
  • Clean Room Sandwich Panel The product shows great superiority in fast installation, easy disassembly and material reuse. It is especially fit for constructing temporary facilities in construction site such as office, warehouse and enclosure.

Our company specializes in cleanroom design and construction. The clean room designed and constructed by our company has the following features.
1. Temperature and humidity in the clean room can be effectively controlled.
2. Clean rooms built in the area exposed to a lot of dust are designed with effective dedusting means.
3. HVAC system shows good sealing effect.
4. There are energy consumption control measures, ensuring energy saving effect.

Air Cleanliness Standard of Clean Room for Pharmaceutical Production in China
Cleanliness Level Maximum Allowable Dust Number/Cubic Meter Maximum Allowable Number of Microorganism
≥0.5um ≥5um Airborne Microbe/Cubic Meter Settling Microbe Number/Vessel·30min
100 3500 0 5 1
10000 350,000 2,000 100 3
100000 3,500,000 20,000 500 10
300000 10,500,000 61,800 NA 15
Implementation Standard for Electronic and other Related Industries
Air Cleanliness Grade (N) Maximum Concentration Limits of Particles with the Diameter Equal to or Greater than the Following Values (pc/m³)
0.1μm 0.2μm 0.3μm 0.5μm 1μm 5μm
1 10 2
2 100 24 10 4
3 1000 237 102 35 8
4 10000 2370 1020 352 83
5 100000 23700 10200 3520 832 29
6 1000000 237000 102000 35200 8320 293
7 352000 83200 2930
8 3520000 832000 29300
9 35200000 8320000 293000

Our clean room can meet the requirements on cleanliness in different fields.

Industry or PlacePurification Standard
Medicine, food, cosmetics, health productsClass 100 and higher
Hospital operating roomClass I, the highest standard for special operating room
Electronic, optical and precision instrumentsGrade 2 and higher
Biosafety laboratory and factoryP3, BSL-3
Animal laboratoryABSL-3

Engineering Scheme Certification Service
Our company carries out careful and meticulous check and evaluation for every project. Through communication with customers, we can get aware of the investment strategy and developing goal of customers. Then, we can propose our suggestion scheme for every subsystem in the aspects of technicality, economy and practicality to provide the certification service for customers.

Engineering Design Optimization Service
We would do our best to treat every project seriously from the aspects of reasonableness, requirement, economy, applicability and technicality to conduct high quality project for customers. We generally implement optimum design according to customers’ intentions for every design unit. Meanwhile, the cleanroom drawing with electronic version or paper version can be provided. All of these services are offered free of charge.

Software Support Service
We can not only supply hardware service but also software template support, even the planning and management support for the different technological conditions, equipment and diversified production environment. What we provide is a reference document. Customers themselves need to supplement and improve the scheme according to their actual conditions.

With rich experience in cleanroom design and construction, we can provide the purification equipment such as dustless clean room for food and precision instruments manufacturers. We can also offer no dust clean room design and installation scheme for the companies involving in medicine and cosmetic to meet their cleanliness requirements for production environment.

The GMP workshop we offer can provide a good production environment for customers by removing the pollutants such as particles, harmful gas and bacteria in a certain space and controlling the temperature, cleanliness, pressure, air flow velocity and distribution, noise, vibration, illumination and static electricity to the needed level. Multiple levels of medical device clean rooms are also available for meeting the surgical environment requirements of general surgery, cardiac surgery and brain surgery. The aseptic clean room has high cleanliness level to satisfy the food production with high cleanliness requirement. We can also build clean booth quickly for customers. The clean room sandwich panel is available in many types with good performance. In addition to quality purification equipment, we also offer considerate service.

Wuxi Yijing is a professional purification equipment manufacturer in China. Our company offers a wide range of products, including vertical laminar flow clean bench, cleanroom air shower, air curtain, and more.

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