GMP Clean Room

GMP Clean Room GMP Clean Room GMP Clean Room

The GMP clean room is a specially designed room in which the pollutants like particles, harmful gas and bacteria are removed and other conditions, including the temperature, cleanliness, pressure, air flow velocity and distribution, noise, vibration, illumination and static electricity, are controlled within a desirable level. No matter how the outer environment changes, the indoor air characteristics can be maintained to meet the originally set requirements. Then, products, such as silicone chips, can be manufactured in a good environment.

We produce clean production environment meeting the GMP standard, providing guarantee for the security, effectiveness, stability and homogeneity of the medicines for modern pharmaceutical enterprises. Our GMP workshop is constructed in strict accordance with state standards, so we can guarantee the cleanliness level of the workshop. Dust particle, airborne microbe, settling microbe and other indexes of the workshop can pass the inspection at a time.

1. Cleanliness level: ISO 5 - ISO 9
2. The body of our GMP clean room is made of EPS color steel and assembled on site.
3. The interior wall undergoes arc treatment and epoxy self-leveling floor is adopted, preventing the accumulation of dust.
4. Purification lights are arranged reasonably on the ceiling and the large glass windows on the wall increase lighting and perspective sense.
5. The air circulation system ensures fresh and clean air in the dust-free room.
6. The dustless spray technology adopted further improves the performance of the cleanroom.

Our company is a specialized GMP clean room manufacturer in China. We offer a vast range of products, including medical device clean room, product air shower, horizontal laminar flow clean bench, among others.

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